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2011 Summer Session Participant Comments

C.J. (U.S.A.)         Boston College

During my time at Sophia Summer Session, I liked my classes, I got to know great classmates, and enjoyed Tokyo. If I had more time, I would have liked to go climb Mt. Fuji! As there were 4 courses that looked particularly interesting to me, it was a difficult choice to make. But in the end, I took "IBZ446: Japanese Business and Management" which was very informative about business as well as culture. The other class I took was "Japanese 2." Noguchi sensei was THE BEST. He was a very good teacher and at the same time humorous. I was able to achieve my goal, "to learn Japanese language and culture"! at least partially.

G.D. (India)         University of Delhi

I would highly recommend the courses I took ("SOZ470: Contemporary Japanese Society" & "POZ300: Contemporary Japanese Politics,") because they give you a really good insight into Japan on a first-hand basis, and are practical too! I also enjoyed the afternoon visits and I hope it will remain the same way for future students. The program was very exciting and interesting, I wished the program was longer, so I could learn and experience more of Japan!

A.K. (Japan)         Sophia University

Would I recommend Sophia Summer Session? Yes!!
Actually, I am a fulltime Sophia undergrad student, but the Summer Session gives us the opportunity not only to study, but also to meet wonderful people from other countries, and that's what I liked so much about this program!

- 1/3 -

Transcripts for Past partcipants

L.R. (U.S.A.)         Applying for University

I would strongly recommend that prospective Summer Session students to consider taking "JPZ101: Japanese 1" and "SOZ410: Foundations of East Asian Culture." To me, learning Japanese 1 in Japan has been an excellent experience. SOZ410 was fascinating and well taught. The experience as a whole was has been wonderful. I also thought that going to Meiji Shrine and Kabuki as afternoon events were great.
The program was wonderful, and I wish it lasted longer!

B.M. (U.S.A.)         Loyola University, New Orleans

I had a great time with the program. All the afternoon events such as flower arrangement and kyogen (comedic theater) were excellent. Even though there are two Saturday classes, I didn’t mind them at all. I would recommend both the classes I took. "HSZ310: Japanese History: Edo and Tokyo," because it had an exceptional presentation of information by the professor, and the "RPZ330: Survey of Japanese Religion" class, because it had very good information and also had a nice historical aspect.

Y.H. (Taiwan)         Applying for University

The Summer Session at Sophia was a great experience for me! I myself took "SOZ470: Contemporary Japanese Society," and "IBZ415: Japanese Contemporary Economics." I would recommend these courses to the future students, because they have firm Japanese cultural-based activities. Also, by coming here, I've learned to become independent. Among the afternoon events, my favorite was the bus tour of Tokyo.

- 2/3 -

M.Z. (India)         University, New Delhi

I feel that anyone, especially students interested in learning about Japan should first understand its society and politics. That is why I took "SOZ470: Contemporary Japanese Society" and "POZ300: Contemporary Japanese Politics." I enjoyed my courses and the afternoon events, from the tea ceremony to flower arrangement to Meiji Shrine. The Sophia Summer Session provides us students lots of opportunities to study and learn about Japan, even within such a short span of time.

J.E. (U.S.A)         University of Pittsburg

I enjoyed my stay in Tokyo. The classes at the Sophia Summer Session were very informative and a lot of fun. They are always interesting and the readings were tied in nicely. I thought that the Summer Session staff was great, and I enjoyed learning about traditional Japanese culture at the afternoon events, such as Noh theater, rakugo (sit-down comedy), and kabuki.

- 3/3 -