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2012 Summer Session Participant Comments

M.V. (Belgium)         University of Antwerp

From the orientation on the first day, I thought this program was excellent. The courses were great too. In "IBZ446: Japanese Business and Management," we learned a lot of new interesting Japanese cultural principles that will help me though my life. As for my Japanese course, it was pretty intensive and had a lot of homework, but I learned so much! In addition, the people at the Summer Session Office were very helpful. I'm very thankful for that!

M.M. (U.S.A)         Western Washington University

I decided to attend this program because I wanted to learn Japanese language and culture firsthand. I got enough information beforehand, so I felt well-prepared when I arrived in Japan.
One of the courses I took was "Japanese 2." I just loved this class!! The teacher was excellent and patient. I thought that his teaching methods were very effective and helpful.

L.N. (U.S.A.)         Cornell University

“Japanese 1” was a very intensive but excellent course. I found the visit to Meiji Shrine particularly great. The program was a very nice experience. I actually have no remarks on what could be better. The information we got was sufficient, and you could go to the office for any questions.

- 1/4 -

Transcripts for Past partcipants

Q.L. (China)         Barnard College

I think that this program is great and only wish that the Summer Session could have been longer!
As for the courses I took, one was "RPZ330: Survey of Japanese Religion." The topic and material is very interesting, and I enjoyed every lecture. As for the other course "HSZ310: Japanese History: Edo and Tokyo," the professor was very good! He talked in a very interesting way, and made the material easy to understand, and made us think about the significance of historical events. If there was no time conflict, and the duration of the Summer Session was longer, I would have loved to take "SOZ430: Japanese Popular Culture" and "SOZ470: Contemporary Japanese Society."

T.W. (Belgium)         University of Antwerp

Of the afternoon events, I found kabuki very impressive. The bus tour of Tokyo and the visit to Meiji Shrine were also good.
Needless to say, the courses were also good. I took "IBZ446: Japanese Business and Management," which had interesting Power Point presentations, and good insight into Japanese businesses, history, and welfare. “JPZ101: Japanese 1” was a very interesting, intensive course. There were a lot of quizzes and exams, but it was worth it! To me, everything about this program was perfect!!

- 2/4 -

L.B. (Canada)         Concordia University

The reason why I decided to attend the Summer Session at Sophia University is because I wanted to visit Japan and learn in an academic environment. My professor teaching "IBZ435: Development Issues: Asia and the World" was interesting, relaxed, motivating, and understanding. The class was structured in such a way that there was a good balance between lectures, student presentations, and various activities. I want to thank not just the professors, but also the admin team. They were very helpful!

M.N. (Japan)         Pace University

The Summer Session was amazing. I learned a lot of things about Japan that I didn't know before in my "Contemporary Japanese Society (SOZ470)" class. All the events such as wadaiko, tea ceremony, kabuki, and so on were excellent. I will never forget my time here. Thanks Sophia!

L.L. (China)         McGill University

The topic and material covered in "RPZ330: Survey of Japanese Religion" was really interesting. I enjoyed every lecture by professor Ebersole. The other course I took was "HSZ310: Japanese History: Edo and Tokyo." Professor Purdy was very good! He talks in a very interesting way, and made us think about the significance of historical events. I wish that the Summer Session could have been longer! This program is great!

- 3/4 -

J.P. (U.S.A.)         University of Massachusetts Amherst

I loved how Professor Noguchi's "JPZ:102 Japanese 2" class was oriented toward speaking as opposed to writing, and that everything I learned was applicable to situations we would likely be in. For professor Purdy's "HSZ310: Japanese History: Edo and Tokyo", I liked that the essays required us to go out and experience and explore Tokyo. I learned a lot! I attended all the afternoon events such as the ones held on campus (tea ceremony, flower arrangement, etc.) and outing (bus tour of Tokyo, Japanese drums, Meiji Shrine, Noh theater etc.)!

H.K. (U.S.A.)         Eureka College

This was the first time for me to come to Japan, but I really enjoyed participating in this program! Such an awesome and unique opportunity! I thought that afternoon excursions such as wadaiko (drums), Meiji Shrine and kabuki were really great. Of course, the classes were excellent too. I loved my "Japanese Popular Culture class (SOZ430)," which was super informative and fun!

Y.Y. (China)         University of Miami

Both of my classes were very interesting and I learned Japanese culture from different points of view. I really enjoyed "IBZ435: Development Issues: Asia and the World”, taught by Professor West, and learned a lot about current Asian affairs. I wish to study more about Asia’s future in this century. Through "LIZ333: Japanese Literature and the City" by Professor Freedman, I learned more about the city Tokyo and Japanese literature. I have fallen in love with the city Tokyo.

- 4/4 -