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Japanese Language

June 1 - July 10

Program Period:
JUNE 6, 2016 - JULY 15, 2016

June 6st: Orientation at Yotsuya Campus
June 7th: First day of classes
July 15th: Last day of classes (finals) &
               Farewell Party

*Japanese Language classes will be three hours and fifteen minutes a day, Monday through Friday. In addition, several lectures on Japanese Studies of one and a half hours per each will be held.

Application Period:
JANUARY 18, 2016 - MARCH 31, 2016


Asian Studies

July 24 - August 14, 2015

Program Period:
JULY 21, 2016 - AUGUST 12, 2016

July 21st: Orientation at Yotsuya Campus
July 22nd: First day of classes
Aug. 12th: Last day of classes (finals) &
                 Farewell Party

*Classes will be two hours and ten minutes per class, Monday through Friday.

Application Period:
FEBRUARY 15, 2016 - MAY 13, 2016


Japanese Studies

January 5 - January 30, 2015

January 5(Tue.): Orientation on
                          Yotsuya Campus
January 6(Wed.): First day of class
January 29(Fri.): Last day of class,
                          Farewell party

Application Period:
Oct. 6(Tue.), 0:00 to Oct. 20(Tue.), 23:59
(Japan Standard Time)

2nd Application Period (if space available):
Oct. 30(Fri.), 0:00 to Nov. 6(Fri.), 23:59
(Japan Standard Time)

How To Apply