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1. Housing

Sophia's school dorm is not available to short-term progarm participants. However, student discount is available to Summer Session participants at some apartments located near Yotsuya campus. If you are interested, choose the accommodation option on the Step 4 of the program online application form. If you prefer to arrange your own housing, you can refer to the Accommodation List below for the information on the accommodations the past participants stayed. This program's orientation, classes and all the other events are going to be held at Yotsuya campus.

Accommodation List

2. Other expenses

Additional costs will be generated for textbooks, train fare, meals, medicines, ect.

3. Insurance

We strongly recommend that students purchase travel insurance through their home institution or an insurance company before their arrival to Japan so that any medical expenses will be covered on the way to/from Japan and while in Japan. No insurance is provided to short-term program participants by Sophia University or the Japanese Government.

4. Class Level

All the participants will be divided into classes of four different levels according to their placement test scores. After the first day of the class, you can move to another level with agreement between you and your teacher.

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Transcripts for Past partcipants

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5. Textbooks

The textbooks for Japanese Language courses, which are available at Sophia's Book Store, are different depending on the course level. It's your free choice how and when you purchase it. Your course level will be announced by email about a month before the program starts.

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