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1. Housing

Sophia's school dorm is not available to short-term progarm participants. However, student discount is available to Summer Session participants at some apartments and rooms at a hotel located near Yotsuya campus. If you are interested, choose the accommodation option on the Step 4 of the program online application form. If you prefer to arrange your own housing, you can refer to the Accommodation List below for the information on the accommodations the past participants stayed. This program's orientation, classes and all the other events are going to be held at Yotsuya campus.

Accommodation List

2. Meals

A cafeteria is open on Yotsuya campus during the period of this summer program. Also, there are a wide variety of restaurants of all price ranges near the campus. Average price is 800 yen for breakfast, 1,000 yen for lunch, and 1,000 to 3,000 yen for dinner.

3. Insurance

We strongly recommend that students purchase travel insurance through their home institution or an insurance company prior to leaving for Japan so that their medical expenses will be covered on the way to/from Japan and while in Japan. No insurance is provided to short-term program participants by Sophia University or the Japanese Government.

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Transcripts for Past partcipants

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4. Text books

Participants are required to prepare their text books for the courses BEFORE coming to Japan, except for the Japanese Language text books and work books which are available at Sophia book store located on the basement floor of bldg. #2 on campus. Refer to the Text Book List for details.
Text Book List 2017

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